Alexa-controlled smartglasses? Indeed, from Vuzix

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Talking to your glasses via Amazon’s voice assistant is possible, thanks to Vuzix and what looks like an imminent CES reveal, according to Bloomberg.

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You can stick Amazon’s Alexa into a wide range of things: speakers, autos, telephones, watches, robots, fridges. Add smartglasses to that rundown.


Vuzix, producers of different smartglasses and Google Glass-like set out wearables toward years, will have a last form of its most current match of smartglasses at CES in Las Vegas, and it would appear that it will be good with Amazon’s Alexa. Bloomberg softened the news Friday up a meeting with Vuzix CEO Paul Travers.


It won’t be last wearable to associate with Alexa. Amazon has quite recently made it a great deal less demanding for watches, earphones and more to work with Alexa. It’s conceivable that the Vuzix Blade is a case of what’s to come.

The Vuzix sharp edge is two or three sorta-sunglass-like goggles that plan heads-up all together on its focal points. The goggles additionally have a worked in camera, receiver and side-mounted touchpad, and can accept telephone calls. They match with Android telephones to center information to your eyes. The Blade will exertion with direction focal points, as well. It could wind up being one of a few novel endeavors at influencing smartglasses to happen in 2018

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